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Paul andersen mgbh, jon schmidt mgbh, steven sharp nelson mgbh, and al van. Im looking for a good complete set of chopins nocturne can you give me your opinion please. Donate now to support your onestop classical music shop. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Nelson freires chopin nocturnes subtle, searching, soulful. Too niggardly to effect this themselves, the catalogues of emi et al are being steadily, judiciously plundered. Pianists can perhaps get away with pulling them around too much when playing just one or two, but never when putting all 20 together and that is the test of complete recordings.

The nocturnes by chopin are also, not suprisingly, played superlatively well. Nelson freire, frederic chopin works for piano amazon. I have acquired recordings of nelson freire playing chopin and also one with schumann, in addition to the two piano concerti of brahms with the leipzig gewandhaus orchestra. It seems that nelson freire can effortlessly produce the most beguiling soft playing and this trait stands him in good stead for the chopin nocturnes. Intimacy, lyricism, and subtle textural diversity characterize nelson freires chopin nocturnes, as opposed to ashkenazys stronger dynamic projection, arraus searching rhetoric, or moravecs darklylit corners. Nelson freire is one of the worlds truly great pianists, a musicians musician through and through. Order from your preferred classical music cd store arkivmusic. Suggested by umg deaf hiphop world champion dances beethoven symphony no. Nocturnes dedicated to madame marie pleyel, the wife of publisher and piano virtuoso camille pleyel. When i play most chopin pieces she chirps softly and happily as she is a big fan of chopins melodic music.

Theyre all beautifully sung, but occasionally they can sound a little bit soporific nocturnes they may be, but they contain some of chopins darkest and most personal music, and freire doesnt. The very name nocturne can be loosely translated as song of the night. Intimacy, lyricism, and subtle textural diversity characterize nelson freires chopin nocturnes, as opposed to ashkenazys stronger dynamic. The edition has chopins own fingering only and for anyone needing further advice on fingering we refer to the edition by herrmann scholtz, also available from piano streets sheet music library. I recently read a fascinating but credible observation. Chopin the nocturnes nocturnes are directly related with the genre created by irish composer john field. Chopin later sold the for the nocturnes for 2,000 francs along with several other pieces. He has consistently been unmistakenly beautiful in all that he has played. Now in his mid 60s, freires recordings for decca over the last decade of brahms, schumann, beethoven, debussy and chopin have been wonderfully consistent, and this set of the nocturnes.

We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests. He spent most of his life as a virtuoso pianist, composer and piano teacher. His communion is unfailingly with the musicwhat set this. Notes, presentation with dates bracketed for each set of nocturnes and the scherzi and layout are, as ever, excellent. The second nocturne of the work is regarded as chopins most famous piece. This doubledisc package of the nocturnes is an excellent example of freires artistry, and the expressive lyricism and refined execution that are hallmarks of his playing are. Its completely free to download and try the listed sheet music, but you have to delete the files after 24 hours of trial. Nelson freire is an acknowledged master of the keyboard. The great majority of his compositions were for solo piano, including many etudes, preludes, ballades, scherzos, sonatas, mazurkas, nocturnes, waltzes, impromptus and polonaises. Chopin the nocturnes freire 2 cds download decca classics. Like his south american predecessor, jorge bolet, nelson freire is having an indian summer and welldeserved recognition. Piano sheet music of chopin nocturnes to download and print.

Interesting and at points very pleasant in a tonal sense but for me its hard to call this good music. He has moved into the heart of chopin and returned to show us what sublime actually sounds like. Like bolet, hes always been admired but somewhat taken for granted. The nocturnes nelson freire on allmusic as one of the foremost interpreters of. Nelson freire is not commonly placed in the top echelon of contemporary pianists, and his. Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. The nocturnes by fryderyk franciszek chopin, nelson freire from amazons classical music store. Primarily because it sounds like imprecise rhythmic note values from midi data had been used to make this and it was written to be played by an actual well trained piano playing musician whom if suitable enough would have been professional enough not to play the note. Ivan moravec newly remastered for superb sound, these performances have been a benchmark recording for connoisseurs since their first release in 1965. Frederic chopin sheet music to download top quality pdfs. As romantic character pieces evoking, in particular, evening and night moods, they. This cd contains chopins second piano concerto and a collection of short pieces. They are the only two nocturnes in opus 48 and are dedicated to mlle.

Chopin experts have long sought to remedy the situation and to recapture an authentic style of playing among them angela lear, who includes four of the nocturnes in the two volumes so far released of her original chopin series on apr. Despite being forever associated with the nocturne, essentially a piece of particularly wistful, dreamy music, often intended to evoke images of the night chopin was not actually its inventor. Chopin nocturnes recommended recordings piano enthusiast reference recording alternative perspectives. It was chopin who raised the form above the sentimentality of john fields essays, filling his nocturnes with poetry, reflective intimacy and depth. Piano performer magazine by american council of piano performers. The polish composer frederic chopin was considered one of the masters of the romantic era. In celebration of chopin year 2010 being the 200th birthday of the sui generis polish genius nelson freire, a chopin interpreter of unique discernment, records the beloved nocturnes 120. Inaccuracies have even crept into some of the most readily available printed editions.

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